“Happiness consists more in the small conveniences of pleasures that occur every day, than in great pieces of good fortune that happen but seldom to a man in the course of his life”. Benjamin Franklin

In Media Base Sports Agency we look for happiness day after day. For us and for our clients. We look for it from places like Spain, Portugal, UK, Uruguay and China from where a group of 35 professional young people give it form producing campaigns, activations and sponsorships.


The creativity is the aptitude to invent, of creating. We adapt this capacity to the needs and desires of every client to give form to the idea that better represents his values of brand, his essence.

Thinking in horizontally, our creative staff find creative formulas to express the message that the brand wants to send to his public. 


Any great idea needs always the support of the best strategy of communication in order to get in an ideal way to the specific target. Our team of communication takes charge of giving diffusion to the campaigns and activations that we create, striking always where it is necessary to do it to maximize the benefits of the action.

We create also contents plans that help to the brand to define themselves better in each and every of his platforms.


The message always comes better if better is the loudspeaker and the channel of communication.

In Media Base Sports Agency we take charge of joining our Assets with the brands that need them to take the message and the idea to high levels of impact and we manage also the relation between both to create the most ideal channel of communication.


We are lucky to be able to get carried away for the pas- sion in our work. Because the football is pure passion, inside the pitch and, certainly, out of it also. In Media Base Sports we offer sports management and of mar- keting to harmonize all this feeling and to turn it into a channel of communication 360º. 


After so many studies, illusion deposited and hours of work, it's time to go out on the street to present a new campaign or show new products. We believe that launch events are often the great first step in the dissemination of products or services. That is why we must work with a strategic mind, to understand that the event is part of a marketing plan or public relations, and creative, that gives a surprise factor that sets it apart from the rest.

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