Apart from the many top-level players and coaches we represent, Media Base Sports has forged strong bonds with many other figures from the world of sports, culture and society at large, not only here, but the world over. This makes us an unbeatable link between brands and stars. Thus, in recent years we have not only worked on ads and promotions with Luis Suarez, Pep Guardiola, Marc Bartra, Pablo Maffeo or Seung Woo Lee, but also in countless campaigns starring Andres Iniesta and other sports stars such as Marc Márquez, Mireia Belmonte, Dani Carvajal, Ona Carbonell, Víctor Valdés, David Ferrer, Rudy Fernández and Thiago Alcantara. From the world of fine cuisine with names like Quique Dacosta, Diego Guerrero or David Muñoz, and image-based projects with names like Clara Lago, Carolina Cerezuela, Samantha Vallejo and Melissa Jiménez.

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